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Strategy & Business

OΣQ 360 

Our Consulting Methodology...      

OEQ 360 is a promise, a vision and a dream come true. Our consulting methodology goes full circle from Strategy, Operations, People, Change and Sustainability. Our methodology is supported by technology platforms that allow us to harness the power of your organization and data. 


Finance Transformation

We help the finance function improve processes, technology, and use data to provide insights into your business.  We assist CFOs identify root causes, subsequent impacts and optimize the finance function to meet today’s demanding requirements. Are your pieces aligned?

Business Transformation

We help you identify and drive operational initiatives of strategic importance across all areas of the business. We assist functional leadership use the power of data to validate their intuitions and co-develop solutions that work. We follow a disciplined approach and technology enablers that change how transformation projects are executed.

Let us help you fine tune your business!


We help organizations derive strategic value through optimal alignment of business strategies, goals and solutions. We assist senior leadership look back and forward in areas such as strategy development, planning, measurement, cost optimization and other areas supported by your data. You know your next move, how about the next 50 moves?

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