GRC Products & Technology

We are building technology that is changing the Risk & Compliance landscape. OEQ's Delta GRC platform is accessible on computers, iPads and web browsers. It can be configured for any need and any team size, internal audits, compliance initiatives and for professional service firms. It gives you teaming, accountability, on the fly content management, methodology, plugins and access to offshore resources. Deliver Quality "by Design"

Internal Audit

Measure your department realtime and dazzle the audit committee with real time reporting on their iPads using our Audit Compass platform. Improve risk coverage and efficiency with our Managed Analytics services. Have us deliver your special projects such as Technology, Cyber Security, IT Implementations, Data Governance, Privacy and Fraud Assessments. We use a special version of Delta in house that can operate in tandem with your implementation.

Define the trend, ahead of the large cookie cutters...

OEQ's technology products and solutions such as the OEQ Delta GRC platform and OEQ Audit Compass suite are designed to be modular and exchange information. For instance, you could design people and process metrics in Audit Compass, link the hours to the Delta GRC to measure and report back on team performance. Stakeholders such as the Audit Committee can view key risk and performance measures on a monthly basis using their iPad applications.

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