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Changing how you do business

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Changing how you do business

Scroll down to Σxplore or click here for our Home Page

The OΣQ story

Ours is a simple idea. Any organization can unlock its true potential only by using the data it collects. While most agree, only a few have noteable success stories to share...


We are reimagining your organization with an ability to use the data you have access to today. We will prepare you for the opportunities that will come knocking tomorrow...


Starting now, 'data' is not a specialized skill set, a department or a practice in a consulting firm; Data is knowledge and... 


Using data is the future...

Performance through Compliance, our services and products will make complex things simple and unattainable objectives possible. Our core team has decades of experience delivering complex projects and building truly innovative solutions. Our people have worked globally with Government bodies, businesses and not for profit organizations. We are working on the future, constantly questioning status quo, innovating for change and the ability to sustain change.  
We help Organizations listen to their data,
We help you explore your Organization's ΣQuation

Our Vision

Imagine a world where ...


Data is actively used to gain insight


Better decisions are made in less time 


Quality of data implies trust not issues... 


... a world where 'Data' is more than wasted dollars, fancy graphs and technical jargon..


... Data is a strategic asset!

Your future is our Vision!


Our Values


Curiosity is the basis for all innovation and the driver for our very evolution.


At OΣQ, curiosity is all about embracing change, innovating and advancing both as individuals and as an organization.


Curiosity to us means an insatiable hunger to learn, to keep the 'spark' alive... 


Curiosity is our DNA

We respect each other and our diversity. We respect opinions, ideas, questions and thoughts.


At OΣQ, we respect our work, we care. Our work defines quality and value. Its what the world gets to see.


Respect to us means humility and being human. It helps us channel our capabilities...


Respect is our Foundation



What is your data telling you?

Org. ΣQuation

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