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Organizational Equation


McKinsey Global Institute reports that data-driven organizations are 23 times more likely to outperform the competition. Build agile operations by harnessing your data. Reimagine your business, explore your Organizational Equation...




Gov., Risk & Compliance

Emerging Enterprises


Managed Analytics


General Aviation

Announcements and Updates

Feb 3, 2022

Aircraft Owner Tools

Beta Release coming up for Aircraft Owners to track Maintenance, Operating Logs and a bunch of other stuff.

Jan 24, 2022

IT Cost Budgeting

Our IT Budgeting software for Emerging Enterprises is Launching soon. Sign up to gain free early access.

The OΣQ story

We are on a focused mission to change the way you do business. Some of the largest organizations across the world still pitch ideas using static presentations and make strategic decisions on the back of the ubiquitous spreadsheet. Valuable time and invaluable opportunities are lost to traditional fact finding exercises.

We are developing data driven business models and technology that will challenge the status quo, recover time and help people have a pleasant work experience.

We are on a journey to deliver sustainable value to the organizations we touch.

Performance through Compliance, our services and products will make complex things simple and unattainable objectives possible. Our core team has decades of experience delivering complex projects and building truly innovative solutions. We are working on the future, constantly questioning status quo, innovating for change and the ability to sustain change.  
We help Organizations listen to their data,
We help you explore your Organization's ΣQuation
The OEQ Story

Our Vision

We will...

Create the most compelling way for organizations to consume human expertise

Deliver technology to disrupt traditional work models and reduce work induced stress

Lead the change by measuring how much value is delivered

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Our Values


Curiosity is the basis for all innovation and the driver for our very evolution.


At OΣQ, curiosity is all about embracing change, innovating and advancing both as individuals and as an organization.


Curiosity to us means an insatiable hunger to learn, to keep the 'spark' alive... 


Curiosity is our DNA

We respect each other and our diversity. We respect opinions, ideas, questions and thoughts.


At OΣQ, we respect our work, we care. Our work defines quality and value. Its what the world gets to see.


Respect to us means humility and being human. It helps us channel our capabilities...


Respect is our Foundation


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OΣQ Café 

Our Virtual Global Idea Factory

Innovation begins with diversity of thought. When minds get together and discuss what they would change and how they would do it differently, the seeds of innovation are sown.


​​Every so often, we setup Café Connect sessions to share what we have been working on, discuss our pressing challenges or invite ideas, thoughts and feature requests.

If there was one thing about your industry, big or small that you would change, we want to hear about it.

Join us and  be a part of the next big thing we do...

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Business Team


Opportunities beckon, The future awaits...


If you dream of changing how things work today, if you question why it should be so, if you believe you are good and know you would do it differently, we would love to talk to you! We welcome people from all backgrounds and with any level of experience.

...and we have work to do!

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